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Top photo copyright J.B. Mittan; middle and bottom photos courtesy of Susan D. Russell.
2003 Canadian Championships (Sr.) 7th
2002 Junior Grand Prix Beijing 4th
2002 Junior Grand Prix Montreal 4th
2002 World Junior Championships 16th
2002 Canadian Championships (Jr.) 2nd
2001 SBC Cup (Jr. Grand Prix) 6th
2001 Sofia Cup (Jr. Grand Prix) 4th
2001 Canadian Championships (Jr.) 3rd
2000 Cup of Mexico (Jr. Grand Prix) 7th
2000 North American Challenge Skate, Montreal (Jr) 1st
200o Canadian Championships (Novice) 1st
2000 Central Divisionals (Novice) 1st
1999 North American Challenge Skate, Dallas (Novice) 1st
1999 Canadian Championships (Novice) 9th
1999 Central Divisionals (Novice) 2nd
1998 North American Challenge Skate, Winnipeg (Novice) 3rd

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